Glen DaviD tourED France for first time with his band

Glen brought the show on the road to 8 cities in October 2015.  This was his first time showcasing his own band there, and we look forward to many more in 2016. Here are the cities. he took by storm this tour.
Velaine-en-Haye – October 8, 2015
Yutz – October 9, 2015
Woustviller – October 10, 2015
Neufchateau – October 11, 2015
Epinal – October 13, 2015
Nancy - October 14, 2015
Perigeux – October 16, 2015
Seichamps – October 18, 2015


On a recent flight to CA, Glen David and his sax player James Martin provided a little musical entertainment for the passengers.  Actor / Director Michael Gross (Steven Keaton on Family Ties!!) posted this video, which has had over one million views!

JAZZ AT 37,000 FEET` yesterday on my Southwest Airlines flight from New Orleans to Los Angeles when Glen David Andrews broke out in song. An unforgettable ride!!!

Posted by Michael Gross on Thursday, June 18, 2015

Two major national papers have glowing reviews of "Redemption"
Wall Street Journal 5/6/14
NY Times 4/22/14

Check out all the latest reviews on the press page. 

Press and Venue info available here

Glen David receives six "best of the beat" nominations, including best album for "Redemption", and artist of the year!!

Glen David topped the nominations for Best of the Beat this year with SIX of them, Best Album, Artist of the Year, Best Male Vocalist, Best Trombone Player, and two Best Song nominations for "Surrender" and "NY to Nola".  

Offbeat's John Swenson calls "Redemption",  "A stunning achievement, and a career-best highlight for both producer ( Leo Sacks ) and artist"., and David Kunian sums up his review with, " the recording we've been waiting for from Glen David Andrews".


Redemption honored by offbeat writers as #1 album release in 2014

Glen's CD topped a great list of albums released in 2014.  You can check out the Top 25 here

From a review of the August 8, 2015 performance at San Jose Jazz Festival...
"Andrews and his band are a force. Their music is an electrifying combination of Funk, R&B, Jazz, Gospel and Zydeco, a joyful, communal noise that prompts, even the most casual listeners to lose their inhibitions, whoop, holler and shake the booty."

From the Minneapolis City Pages
"...a fiery amalgam of brass band roots, gospel, funk, soul, and R&B, and it rocks with all the gritty, soulful, ass-shakin’ intensity Andrews can muster."  Rick Mason


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You can follow Glen on Twitter@tremeprince, on Facebook at glendavidmusic.  His youtube channel is tremeprince , and he is also on google +    He will... "melt your heart, like butter"

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